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✨ Magic lip filler - Set of Day and Night

✨ Magic lip filler - Set of Day and Night

✨ Magic lip filler - Set of Day and Night

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This is a set to plump up the lips, which can be used day and night. It has the double effect of plumping and nourishing the lips.
There are no needles here! Natural ginger promotes the growth of lip cells and effectively plumps up the lips. Peppermint promotes the production of vascular endothelial cytokines and enhances the effect of lip plumping. Vitamin E prevents free radicals on the lips and delays lip aging. Squalane provides more moisture to the lips, especially suitable for use in winter

24 HOUR CARE / DOUBLE EFFECT - Use the mint at night as a lip mask for sleep, the result is smoother and softer lips. The Ginger is for daytime, just apply it like a normal lip gloss, you will get beautiful and plump lips instantly
The net content of the product is 5.5 ml*2, which ensures a longer shelf life. Designed to be compact, you can easily carry it whether you are out or at home.

You can use the Lip Enhancer as a lip gloss or primer during the day and then apply your favorite lip colors to make your lips shine! Use the lip enhancer at night to keep your lips well-nourished around the clock!


Net content: single 5.5ml
Production date: latest
Shelf life: 3 years
Size: 5.5*2cm

Ingredients: polyisobutylene, isooctyl palmitate (2EHP), white mineral oil, vitamin E, ginger essential oil, mineral oil, squalane, octyldodecanol, hydrogenated polyisobutylene, diisostearyl malate, isooctyl palmitate, tocopherol (vitamin E), beeswax, peppermint oil, ginger root oil, etc.


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